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Keep your worksite safe with Kontakkt

While businesses are in alert for contact tracing, compliance and reporting will be critically important as we all work towards ensuring the virus doesn’t take control.

Kontakkt enables businesses to be in compliance with health and safety regulations by pulling together three primary processes in to a simple to use and implement app.

Including full digital documentation of Venue, Visitor and Check-in records, Kontakkt Space lets you work safely with accurate real-time reporting.

COVID19 contact tracing app for businesses

App Features

Kontakkt Space secures your business’s contact tracing needs with three key elements:

contact tracing app for business

Secure Business Locations

Every business gets a secret PIN. To check if a visitor has signed in at the door, ask them to show the PIN on their phone.

You can choose to retain your original business PIN, or change it every day.

Even if you don't cross check, your phone chimes an alert everytime a new visitor enters so that you can greet them.

This up-to-date information is vital to contact tracing COVID19 infected cases who may have visited your business premises, before they become an issue.

contact tracing app  for shoppers

Easy Visitor Check-In

Visitors scan a QR code to check-in while ensuring contact tracing informationis kept safe.

This data collection is vital should someone later test positive for COVID19.

Personal information in the app can only be accessed by health authorities by requesting the user themselves, for the purpose of contact tracing.

The data stays with the user - we do not store personal data - and it is completely wiped clean on December 31st every year.

contact tracing app  for shoppers

Reliable contact tracing

Visitor data is stored on ISO-certified secure servers and is only accessed by health authorities if a positive case occurs.

Our contact tracing technology maps all of the other visitors who visitied the business location, enabling business owners and visitors to be tested and self-isolated to prevent further spread.

The automation of this process saves businesses significant amounts of time in checking in all visitors. It enables your organisation to react with speed to any cases of the virus.

contact tracing app  for shoppers


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