Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a set of frequently asked questions by our customers:

  • Why is visitor check in important?

    Visitor check-in enables businesses to monitor close contacts of individuals who have been visited a business.

  • Managing a visitor check-in programme in your organisation is a key way you can mitigate against the risk of unauthorised access seriously impacting your operations. It brings several important benefits:

    Firstly, you can monitor the records of your organisation and quickly react to any positive situation - reducing the likelihood of a wider problem in your team that severely impacts operations.

    Secondly - and equally important - a thorough visitor check-in programme will provide assurance to suppliers, customers and partners that you are safe to trade with during this period.

    Finally, your contribution as an individual organisation will help the overall efforts to get the situation under control.

  • visitor check-in is the process of collecting information on all of the people each employee has been in contact with each day. Obviously in large organisations this becomes a task that is near-impossible to manage manually.

    This is where visitor check-in software like can help. helps to automate some of this process of visitor check-in collection - allowing customers and businesses to get on with their life without having to waste time making manual entries at the entrance door.

  • is a complete solution that helps cover your business’s visitor check-in needs with three key elements:

    Visitor check-in - Kontakkt’s app provides an automated visitor check-in that takes less than 3 seconds. Visitors scan a QR code at the entrance of your business. Their phone logs the visit immediately. This up-to-date information is vital to helping respond to any situations before they become an issue.

    Dual-security visitor check-in confirmation - Kontakkt enables business owners to quickly and easily verify whether every visitor has checked in, by giving them a secret PIN to verify with random visitors. This data collection is vital.

    Automated visitor check-in - Kontakkt’s mobile location technology generates visitor check-in data which is stored on ISO-certified secure servers.

    In any situation, Kontakkt’s technology maps all of the other visitors who have had contact with in the relevant time period. This enables all those visitors to be notified.

    The automation of this process saves civic authorities and business owners significant amounts of time in noting all internal visitors they host on a day-to-day basis, and enables your organisation to react with speed to any situations.

  • is free for the first 12 months, after that each business pay US$ 1 per year. Visitors can use it free forever.

    We believe that visitor check-in is useful enough for business owners to continue using it for their own safety, and to comply with government laws..

    Besides, we are constantly adding features like contact-less ordering for the retail shop, and loyalty programs for repeat visitors. This makes it more and more useful for a business to continue with us.


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